More than just a Plan Viewer




SitePRO Log



·        A private cloud on your office computer

·        Know where your documents are stored

·        Keep total control of plans and data

·        Eliminate risk of hacking of your data

·        Only share with authorised people

·        Remove staff security access in seconds

·        All drawings and documents safely stored on office computer


Easy to link staff, employee’s devices to head office.


Share with other architects, engineers, builders and trade contractors.


There is no risk of being in a public cloud domain where hacking of documents is becoming rampant.


No third party to access your private plans or documents, SitePRO Log gives you total control in your office. Only people you authorise can access building plans and you remove them as you wish.


SitePRO Log ‘The superior building plan manager keeping your workers productive’.


SitePRO Log is the choice of professionals