More than just a Plan Viewer


Plan Viewer




Plan Viewer


The Plan Viewer is one of the most exciting and innovative features in the building and construction industry.


·     Complete Plan Manager

·     Recall building plans, documents and photos instantly

·     Eliminate printing

·     Guarantee the plan you view is the current plan

·     Draw changes on the plans, use a tablet / device of your choice.

·     Share and view the same plan at the same time with others on multiple devices and regardless of where each person is.

·     Solve on-site problems without leaving your office.

·     Using a device, mark penetrations on the drawing and share with workers using their phones

·     Dropbox not required

·     Import plans from Dropbox if required


The project manager may be on the construction site, the architect and engineer in their individual offices, all three can view the plan and communicate using the pointer. There is no need to meet on-site.

The same applies, where a supervisor does not need to lose time going to the 50th level. Solve the problem by viewing plans on SitePRO-Log.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profits with a superior plan filing and management system.


SitePRO-Log Plan Viewer is your answer.