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Getting Started




 Getting Started


Download your 60 day trial


The office or personal computer must be Windows 10.

The links to the device can be Apple iPad, Android or Windows tablets.


Step 1:   Click on the Trial icon and follow the instructions.


Step 2:   There are two (2) selections.


a)   Office network or personal computer.

b)      An office client or network computer linked to the office server computer.

When b) is selected the name of the server computer will be required.


Step 3:  Go to the Help File and select Training.

An easy to follow, step by step will walk you through all you need to know. Setup the office computer first, then link the employee devices.


How to setup the office copy of SitePRO-Log and link your devices to the main server.


During the download process, the standard Windows message will appear warning that,  ‘This program may be a risk’. We assure you it is not a risk. With over 10,000 programs in offices throughout the world, your computer is safe.



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