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Extra Subscriptions / Users




Extra Subscriptions / Users


During the subscription period, you may increase the number of devices that link to your SitePRO-Log master in head office.


However, reducing the number of sbusciptions / users can only be completed at the time of renewing the subscription for the following period.


The number of subscriptions / users may be decided by the number of staff who will administer SitePRO-Log. 


Alternately, the number of devices being used in the field or on the worksite and divided by five.


The ratio is 1 subscription / user, links 5 devices.



The cost of extra subscriptions / users is locked into the original purchase price at the commencement of the subscription period.


Pay only for the remaining days in the subscription period.


Then, when renewing your subscription change the number of uses as required. Pay only for what you need.


Where the number of subscriptions / users is increased for the next subscription period, the cost per user will decrease in accordance with the set charges.