More than just a Plan Viewer


What is a Project



Projects don’t need to be a large construction. It may consist of just two to four hours work.


What is important is the permanent record, the instant availability of information between head office and the authorised person. The reports and diary entries are instant.  Workers never need to attend the office.


Imagine accepting work from anywhere in the country, approve a subcontractor to carry out the work. Have a permanent record of the reports and diary entries.

All the functions and benefits of SitePRO-Log can be yours for as little as $29.50 per month.


Examples of projects:

        Building and construction

        Residential or commercial

        Testing or inspections       

        Purchase of plant or equipment

        Tracking an employee’s progress

        Company and management meetings

        Professional association meetings

        Conferences, speakers, notes and events

        Attending a Trade Show (eliminate the brochures)


A project could be the recording and tracking of a cadet or any employee from the start to finish of their time with the company.

All data and information is organised, excellent reports and instant recall of history.

SitePRO-Log should be used to organise, track and recall information quickly. Even twenty years later.