More than just a Plan Viewer


Small Business





For Small Business

Sole traders wanting an affordable, easy to use method of keeping in touch with a small number of employees or subcontractors and guarantee that they will receive instant reports from the project work site.


All the features listed below are in SitePRO-Log for a low amount.

An exciting, innovative and cost efficient solution that will ensure your employees never lose an important architectural or engineering plan again. It will ‘Reduce Costs and Increase Profits’.


1:     View plans on Apple iPad, Android or Windows tablet

When visiting a building your organisation has under construction, and you receive a phone call to go to another building; the plans are at your fingertips. No returning to the office to pick up plans.


2:     Draw changes on the plan using your tablet and stylus then have them accessed immediately in head office.


3:     Add notes for clarity


4:     Measure lengths on your device


5:     Solve problems without leaving your office


6:     Share & access plans

7:     Produce reports that are instantly available in head office. No need to return to the office to upload.

        Export reports to Word or email direct to client

·        No more illegible handwriting

·        No more lost reports

·        Eliminate wasted time

·        Accurate site meeting minutes

·        Record solutions to site requests

·        Accident & incident reports

·        Monthly reports

·        Filter & quick search for instant recall


8:     Site Diary  

This is not for appointments or reminders, it provides a permanent record of events that can quickly be recalled.


9:     Add photos to the project

·        Before & after photos

·        Prior to starting work

·        Photos showing a particular situation

·        Comparison photos over time

·        Team photos for evidence

It is the organised method that SitePRO-Log uses to file the photos and allows a quick recall, even twenty years later.


10:   Privacy Guaranteed

·        No cloud security risk

·        SitePRO-Log is on your office computer

·        Staff access & security is controlled in head office

·        No need to sync to tablets, just click and view


100% privacy on your office computer


11:  SitePRO-Log Training

·        Easy and quick to learn

·        All training is online

·        No extra cost for training

·        Staff can access training at any time

·        Self paced learning

·        Repeat lessons as required

·        A ‘Question Box’ is available


12:  Dropbox

       SitePRO-Log is an independent program that doesn’t require Dropbox or any other software for its performance.