More than just a Plan Viewer



SitePRO-Log is generally viewed on a device which is great for accessing unlimited numbers of building plans for multiple projects.

There will be occasions when a group of people want to view the plan together. The device can quickly be connected to a 32” to 55” television.

Workstations can be set up in the site office, meeting room and on each level of the building. Saving valuable work hours by avoiding employees and contractors having to walk to the site office.

A workstation only requires:

a)   Low cost television

b)   HDMI cable

c)   Adaptor for the device

d)   Power for the TV

A small investment for greater productivity.

Use the big screen for training sessions, marking up plans or safety messages.

A contractor can be on the twenty sixth level while the architect or engineer is in the construction office. Both can view the plans on the work site big screens, without either having to leave their area.