The Building Plan Manager

Benefits that Reduce Costs and Increase Profits


Superior Plan Quality


Organised Plan Management                              

·                Saving time

·                Instant recall

·                Easy access for contractors

·                Minimal work for employees

Simple to share with contractors

Add and remove security in seconds


Plans are permanently up to date

·               The contractor marks up changes

·               Add notes and photos

·               Instantly attach reports for every job

·               Navigate quickly with bookmarks


All plans, reports and records remain the property of the building manager


Instant recall of all records for a particular job.

·               No lost time searching

·               Enter the job number and its all at your fingertips


·               The contractor only sees the jobs allocated

·               Add or remove contractor

·               They only view the plans and reports they have entered, not the overall list of the              Building Manager.


Reports and Diary Records

·               Individual for every job

·               Best legal document

·               Evidence of compliance

·               Record of time, date and person who carried out the work

The contractors’ choice of device

·               Apple iPad

·               Android Tablet

·               Windows Tablet

·               Any smart phone

The head office SitePRO Log sits on a Windows 10 system


Never Again!

·               Lose a plan

·               Turn up without a complete set of plans

·               Be caught out if asked to call at a job building whilst in the field.


Solve problems without having to leave your office. Share the plan and use the exclusive pointer regardless where you are, and the contractor is on site.


SitePRO Log is the superior and affordable solution that gives your company the competitive edge.