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Download Instructions


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1: The next step will be a ‘Registration Form’.

    You will be asked to select ‘Server / Stand Alone’ or ‘Office Network’ computer.

    On the Registration page, there is an explanation (Click on the ‘?’ mark).

    An Office Network’ computer needs to be linked to the office server.


For office network computers linking to the office server, there are two (2) things you need prior to the download.


                1:     The name or IP address of the office server where the

                          master SitePRO Log has been installed.

                2:     The username and password of the office server.


2: The download must be to a ‘Windows 10’ computer. Before loading building plans, the server and network computers accessing SitePRO Log require a minimum 2 GB video card. Do not try to download to a device. The device will link to the office server during the set up. There are no special requirements when viewing plans on a smart phone or device.


3: During the download, the standard Windows message will appear. ‘This program may affect your computer’.

    All you need to do is, select More Information, then ‘Run Anyway’. SitePRO Log is safe.


4: When the download is completed, you will receive a welcome email.