Drawing House Drainage Plans (Sewer Service Diagram) made easy.

A simple 4 Step process.

Step 1.

On your office computer in SitePRO Log setup a Project File for the house.

Copy and Paste the PDF house plan.

Set the scale and its ready to go.

Step 2.

At the Job site, use an Apple iPad, Android or Windows Tablet, the choice is yours.

Alternatively, sketch the layout and draw it on a device in your office.

Login to SitePRO Log, tap on the project and select the house plan.

It’s that easy.

Step 3.

Select the draw function and tap where you want the drains to be.

Add as you go:

  • Existing sewer line
  • Connection to the main
  • All drainage lines
  • Add pipe diameters
  • Dimensions from walls or fences
  • Select and drop symbols. Bends, junctions, IO pipes ORG and etc.
  • Notes and photos are pined to the drawing where they apply.
  • Select and drop the Title Block
  • Invert and surface levels

It is about Compliance, QA and Certifying your work.

Even the location of the water service and meter can be included.

Step 4.

Email the House Drainage Plan to your Local Authority or Fair Trading.

No waiting and no delays, all with the professional touch.

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