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Important Information if loading to a Server Computer



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1: The next step will be a ‘Registration Form’.

    SitePROLog is a standalone/server program and must be downloaded to a MS Windows 10 or 11

    computer that will be referred to as the SitePRO Log server Master Copy. (SitePROLog will not

    download to a mobile device).


    Note: The master can be installed onto a Laptop computer.

    Regardless, it is important to have a minimum 2 GB video card, or larger.

    A VPN is required for connection to the device and is included as part of the download.

Important: In Display Settings, regardless of the resolution, Scale must be set at 100%.


2: During the install process there will be a message 'The app is not recognized'. SitePROLog is a

safe program and does not make changes to your device. Click on 'More Info' and 'Run Anyway'

when this message appears.


3: When the download is completed, you will receive a welcome email.


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